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Colombo by Orografie is adaptable to multiple uses: from an unconventional plate to a pocket emptier, from a desk container with a cell phone holder base to a kitchen and bathroom storage unit.

Designer: Standa

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An egg of Columbus symbolises an intuitive solution, an immediate answer to a question discovered without breaking any rules but by taking an alternative route that has always been visible yet overlooked.
A cosmogonic form par excellence, the egg is itself a sort of Russian doll of nature, an absolute container. Crafted from lacquered solid wood, the egg-shaped object features a cavity created with an 18-degree cut, a smooth edge, and a small aperture. These simple components allow for various applications: from an unconventional dish to a catch-all tray, to a desk organizer with a built-in cellphone holder or a container for kitchen and bathroom items. It adapts seamlessly to different environments and invites diverse interpretations, making it a truly versatile and nomadic piece.


Solid cedar wood lacquered in matte white and yellow.
Dimensions (in): L 14,17 x P 10,63 x H 3,54

Production: Handmade in Italy

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Meeting halfway between design practice and design theory, the representatives of the Standa group have recently translated their design expertise into product design, drawing from experiences in other application domains. The design duo conceptualises furnishings and objects as a fusion of everyday necessities and formal archetypes, which frequently extend beyond the realm of domesticity but find a fresh context in this setting. The solutions found evoke a world of functional objects with an intuitive aesthetic, which recalls in appearance (as well as in the programmatic name) a period when large-scale distribution aimed to provide services, but also to develop new scenarios and imaginaries for the home.

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 52 × 34 × 34 cm