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Minutes is the cupboard of memories. Nowadays we have at our disposal increasingly sophisticated systems for storing our "digital memories." With its drawers and compartments, Minuti allows us to store those small objects with which we associate memories and emotions.

Limited edition.

Designer: Livia Stacchini

COD: 1C.007/A01Category: Wunderkammer furniture
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"After four years in Holland, many personal relationships and different experiences, I began my move back to Italy by making a selection of objects: I had to decide what to throw away and what to keep. In doing so, I realized that many found objects represented Memories for me and were, most of the time, without real value but with strong emotional meaning. 

Small or large trinkets, paperwork and knick-knacks, usually set aside at the bottom of drawers until they are forgotten, are put in the center to let the emotions and memories connected to them resurface again. Through the creation of a sculptural piece of furniture, I would like to echo their presence in spaces and give them new attention within our lives and homes."


200 kg


Material: wood pulp
Finish: matte lacquer (red)
Dimensions (in): W 68.9 x D19.6 x H 39.3
Dimensions (cm): W 175 x D 50 x H 100
Handmade in Italy
Limited edition

The shipped product will be packed inside a handcrafted wooden case signed Orografie.

Case dimensions: 185x60x120. V 1.33m³. Total weight: 257kg

Estimated delivery time: 

  • Italy - 50 days
  • Europe - 65 days
  • Extra EU - 90 days

Insurance and vat included. Customs duties excluded.

Livia Stacchini

Livia Stacchini

Livia Stacchini is an Interior and Research designer. After graduating in Interior design at the IED in Rome, she continued her studies at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam where she attended the Master in Interior Achitecture: Research + Design (MIARD). In Rotterdam he collaborates with a start-up company that produces 3d printed lamps made of PLA, a biodegradable plastic derived from natural resources.

Weight 120 kg
Dimensions 185 × 60 × 120 cm