Pane e Vino


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Bread and wine is a table totem, a whole that makes up a figure in its parts, but also works when unfolded on the banquet table. A part for the whole, but also a whole made up of parts that speaks of the communal dimension of the most intimate act of exchange man has ever been able to create, that of sharing nourishment for body and spirit.

Designer: Francesca Lanzavecchia

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The concept of stackability holds significant importance in the designs of the Postwar Masters, stemming from the need to consolidate functions within limited spaces due to the shrinking of domestic living areas during those years. Today, this necessity leads to the essence of things and raddresses two crucial aspects of contemporary society: on one hand, it means reasserting core values, and on the other, reducing waste.
Bread and wine, timeless archetypes present across various historical cultures, eloquently symbolises a renewed call for rigor, reflecting a desire for fundamental values without sacrificing optimism and confidence. The stackable table service thus emerges as a symbolic centerpiece, totem-like, comprising individual components that form a cohesive whole, adaptable both as a unified entity and as separate elements during communal dining experiences. It symbolizes the collective aspect of human interaction, particularly the intimate exchange of nourishment for both body and soul.


Material: Food-grade glazing Ceramics from Caltagirone.

Dimensions (in): Ø 8,66 x H 17,72

Production: Handmade in Italy

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Francesca Lanzavecchia

Daring, eclectic, unconventional, and empathetic. This is Francesca Lanzavecchia’s approach to design. Born in Pavia in 1983, she graduated in Industrial Design from the Politecnico di Milano, and then attended the Master’s program in Conceptual Design at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. In Eindhoven, her personal vision of design began to take shape as a prismatic and multifaceted discipline. For her, being a designer means being a researcher, engineer, artisan, and fabulists of life stories. In 2010, she co-founded Lanzavecchia + Wai, a multidisciplinary design studio with Hunn Wai, based in Pavia and Singapore. Since 2012, she has served as the studio’s Creative Director.

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