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Trespolo is a stool featuring two tiers set at varying heights, designed to enhance everyday life, share emotions, and facilitate interactions.

Designer: Giulio Iacchetti

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Trespolo is a stool with two tops, placed at different heights, designed to accompany everyday life, share emotions and cultivate relationships. A classic typology that, by doubling up, opens up to many functions: seat, workstation, small table. The simple design gesture of doubling the tops and putting them at different heights reveals new uses. But it also makes us reflect on how it is multiplicity in diversity that makes experiences more open to new angles. Because, as its designer argues, this object teaches us to "defend differences and give ourselves to be well: this is what nourishes our lives."


Material: Oak with black water-based varnish.

Dimensions (in): L 29,53 x P 12,99 x H 23,82

Production: Handmade in Italy

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Giulio Iacchetti

Giulio Iacchetti is an industrial designer since 1992. He creates designs for various brands and serves as the artistic director of Abet Laminati and Dnd handles. Among his notable works are the Moscardino, a multi-purpose biodegradable utensil co-designed with Matteo Ragni, which was awarded the Compasso d’Oro in 2001. In 2009, he was honored with the Premio dei Premi for Innovation by the President of the Italian Republic. Remaining consistently attentive to the evolving interplay between artisanal craftsmanship and design, he launched Internoitaliano, the “distributed factory,” in 2012. His second Compasso d’Oro win came in 2014 for the Sfera series of manhole covers, designed in collaboration with Matteo Ragni for Montini.

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Dimensions 100 × 46 × 64 cm